Marker #12 & Alfred Reagan Place



  Mileage From Start: 3.65 Mile
  Distance To Cabin: Approximately 300'
  Latitude At Parking: N35 42.12835'
  Longitude At Parking: W83 28.22943'
  Elevation At Parking: 2,240.06
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     Alfred Reagan was a farmer, but not only a farmer, he was a jack of all trades. On his farm he had cattle, crops, fruit trees and timber. He had a lot of manual skills and lots of business sense also which he put to work in these early times. Here in the Roaring Fork community he made coffins free of charge, he also had a blacksmith shop where he mended things that wore out at home or shook apart on the road. By the early 1900s Roaring Fork was large enough to need a store, which Reagan built. He turned the store over to his son. He also built a mill on this site because everyone needed bread.  Reagan's mill was a good one, it's precise construction allowed it to run when others were shut down for lack of water.


Below Are A Few BONUS Views BETWEEN The MARKER #12 And MARKER #13

Bridge At Odometer 4.00 From START

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