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Black Bear Filmed Today
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     This black bear was photographed on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail approximately 100' before the first overlook (#1 marker) at Latitude: N35 40.723' - Longitude: W83 28.549' - at 12:20PM Monday, June 12, 2001. 

     NOTE: While snapping this picture, at a distance of approximately 75', the bear apparently got annoyed at the 8-10 people that were trying to get a photo from the road above, and charged towards us a few feet, stomped his or her front paws, and it was very effective, everyone gave more space and or quickly returned to our cars.  I glanced around, thinking their may be a cub nearby, but seen none.

     Black bear actual attacks against humans are very rare, but they DO HAPPEN.  The Smoky Mountains National Parks are for or enjoyment, but they are the animals HOME, and it's important to remember, that IF a human provokes an attack, even if it's got a reason to protect itself or it's cubs, it will sadly be put to death, so lets not be the reason one of God's beautiful creations life be shortened.  Amen?

     We will keep this hyperlink as an ongoing update with bear pictures and sightings as active as possible, so please check back often!

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