Marker #10 & Old Jim Bales Place



  Mileage From Start: 2.9 Mile
  Distance To Cabin: Approximately 200'
  Latitude At Cabin: N35 41.68921'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 27.96428'
  Elevation: 2,566.83
Take Me Straight To The Following:


   As your odometer near 2.9 miles (from the start of the tour) you will see marker #10, and a bridge crossing over the stream.  Immediately after marker #10, on your RIGHT is the Old Jim Bales Place in a beautiful mountain setting.  Although close to road access, it also benefits by a stream running directly along the right side of the property, the stream runs from the rear of the property towards the front of the property. You will see a trail sign stating Grapeyard Ridge Trail (Greenbrier Ridge Road 7.6 Miles)

      Here at Marker #10 you will find a cabin, corn crib and barn. The cabin is known as the old Jim Bales place although this is not its original site this cabin was moved here for preservation. The corncrib and barn however do belong on this site. You will find in the front of the cabin the Roaring Fork stream where you can actually climb down an put your feet in. This makes for a very peaceful quiet night with just the lull of the stream to help you catch a good night sleep. Up at the upper end of the barn you will find it surrounded by a wooded area with paths back into the forest. You may ask the question why do we preserver such structures? What is their value? In the early days settlers had to cope with the land on its own terms and not theirs. These buildings are a part of our heritage as we see how the early settlers managed to shelter their families and livestock from the cold and summer elements. How they stored food, and protected their equipment. As we are doing the tours of these historic land sites it really lets me appreciate what we have today in comparison to the way they lived back then. But it also makes me thankful for the backbone of these early settlers who dared to face the unknown to help teach us what has been done is to know what can be done if the time ever comes. Successful living consists of using whatever resources are available, in the most efficient and skillful way. the people here operated on that principle. Their buildings and their way of living tell us these things that is why we preserve them.


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