Marker #13: WATER



  Mileage From Start: 4.05
  Latitude At Marker: N35 42.45844'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 28.29537'
  Elevation: 2,139.83


    Roaring Forks mountain stream is clear, cold, ever flowing, fast and noisy. It will talk to you but never say the same thing twice.  The stream does some things slow and thoroughly. find a spot where the water swirls in a little whirlpool. The action of water and sand, day after day for hundreds of years is what made the hole. Peoples impression to this place is greenness, except in the winter. Green moss, green fern, vines, trees and shadows. The water is the reason for that. Its cycle from sky to sea, water seldom displays itself so well as a sustainer of life and creator of beauty, as it does here.

View Bridge At Odometer 4.25 From START!
View Pull-Off At Odometer 4.30 From START!
View Bridge At Odometer 4.33 From START!

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