Marker #15: WATERFALLS!



  Mileage From Start: 4.98
  Latitude At Marker: N35 42.69534'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 28.97020'
  Elevation: 1,814.93


     Coming upon marker #15 you will see little streams of water cresting down from rocks. This area is called "The Place of a Thousand Drips. Here you will see this waterfall is cutting away at bedrock. This will produce a side canyon, although we will never live to see its finished product. Waterfalls are not spectacular here, most of them are small, like this with only a few on the larger and rambunctious side. The air around the waterfalls are cool so pause for just a few minutes relax, enjoy the beauty and splendor of the creation that the Almighty Creator has made.


Below Are A Few BONUS Views BETWEEN The MARKER #15 And MARKER #16

View Loop Pull-Off At RIGHT At Odometer 5.1 From START!

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