Marker #16: PARK BOUNDARY!



  Mileage From Start: 5.15
  Latitude At Marker: N35 42.85389'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 29.10833'
  Elevation: 1,828.84


      As you end your journey through the Roaring Fork Nature Trail you are leaving a part of how the early Americans lived and worked to establish homes and a way of survival. We hope you enjoyed the tour and if your planning a vacation to the Great Smokey Mountains we hope that you will make this one of the places you choose to visit and take a small trip back into the early days where times wasn't quiet so easy but sure was very peaceful and serene from the hustle and bustle of the times today. We hope that Roaring Fork will always remain a "PLACE OF BEING," a place to get lost for a few moments and rest in the beauty of what the Creator made for all you see here is HIS handiwork. May God Bless each and every one who visit this site.

Below Are A Few BONUS Views After MARKER #16


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