Marker #3 The Haze Invades!



  Mileage From Start: 1.15 Mile
  Latitude At Marker: N35 40.97561'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 28.21898'
  Elevation: 3,196.39

 The Haze Invades!

    As your odometer nears 1.15 miles from the start of your tour, watch on your LEFT for marker #3!  Just a short distance past it on your LEFT is a parking area for you to stop and enjoy the special features of Marker #3...The Haze Invades!

     Looking out to your left offers a pretty view, while following the unmarked trail up the hill a short distance to a bench where you (or them that beat you there, HA) can enjoy peacefulness, and maybe even say a quick prayer asking Almighty God above to intercede against the increasing pollution invading the Smokies,  while you relax in His Great Smoky Mountains.  

     Ask an older companion that had visited here years ago about the beautiful views that were common most any day here in the Smokies.  Now, it frequently takes special conditions to get that crisp clear view due to the disturbing increase of man-made pollutants drifting in from nearby cities and states.  This is not the 'natural' haze your Smokies were named after, and park officials have confirmed that on certain days, in certain (mostly high elevations) areas, that it may even be unhealthy to be up in God's Smoky Mountains, where, as children, many of us can still remember the special 'fresh' air that we use to look forward to all year long awaiting our vacations in the Smokies. :(

Below Are A Few BONUS Views BETWEEN The MARKER #3 And MARKER #4


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