Marker #8: THE OLD ROAD!



  Mileage From Start: 2.35
  Latitude At Marker: N35 41.28346'
  Longitude At Cabin: W83 27.79081'
  Elevation: 2,972.70


     The Roaring Fork area was a community and was settled about 160 years ago. In the 1830's an 40s this was a frontier. At the turn of the century there was about two dozen families that lived here they had a tub mill, store, church and a school. This area was not a crossroads to anywhere except to a dead end. Gatlinburg lay below and above stood mountains whose names say something. The road built here by the settlers took much hard work with men working with pick and shovel to level high spots, fill ruts and move rocks. Larger boulders were blasted apart with powder or dynamite. This was done year after year but the rocks never seemed to decrease. Traveling into town sometimes took all day because of the road and it was very hard on man, beast and wagon. No one went anywhere unless it was of a necessity. The best ways to go were by foot, animal-back, wagons or sled but none of them were easy.

Below Are A Few BONUS Views BETWEEN The MARKER #7 And MARKER #8


     As your odometer nears 2.35 miles (from the start of the tour) you will see Marker #8,


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